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BW Software
BW Software

The main purpose of this solution is to deliver to the user the most important information about the conveyor work, and to assure the possibility of controlling in any localization. Particular versions of the software are differ from each other mainly through the access to the weighing data, and also through the amount of recorded scale information.

Versions of the software intended for online preview:

  • BWSOFTWARE ONLINE SERVER – monitoring scales available from wireless localizations, connection to the Internet required
  • BWSOFTWARE LOCAL SERVER– monitoring scales within the company area ( within the local net)

Version of the software intended for offline preview:



  • the possibility to preview actual output and capacity
  • information about effective working time – the work of conveyor under load
  • information about ineffective working time – the work of conveyor without any load or stop
  • information about total working time of conveyor
  • information about the sum of material from definite time interval
  • information about average capacity of conveyor
  • possibility to form: shift reports, daily reports, monthly reports, annual reports
  • possibility to form comparative report from defined period
  • possibility to compare the production in the shift system
  • possibility to record the defined report in : * pdf file, data export to MS excel
  • possibility to form graphs of conveyor capacity from the defined period
  • possibility to choose the type of graph
  • possibility to print the report, or preview on the screen