Conveyor weighing applications


The simplicity of the Belt-Way design allows for easy installation on any conveyor weighing any material.  Here are some of the most popular applications:

Portable Plants

The patented Belt-Way weighbridge design eliminates the adverse effects of torque on the conveyor frame and excessive vibration known to exist on portable equipment.  The result is excellent repeatability.  Many managers have stated Belt-Way is, “The only scale you can trust.”          

Mobile Conveyors

Uniquely suited to portable conveyor weighing tasks, Belt-Way offers reliable performance without the need for constant recalibration.

Stationary Conveyors

Accurate conveyor weighing allows tracking of feed rates and ratios of each finished product; necessary to achieve optimum efficiency and product quality, while maintaining production at maximum levels. 


Internal P.I.D. loop control automates control of material feed. This is where performance optimization begins. 

Mobile Crushing

Contract crushing operations depend on accurate material measurement for verification of production.  Print daily tickets or log production data to an off-site server. Learn more about production analysis options at


Material feed and ratios of each product coming off the screens (along with returns) must be closely monitored to maintain high quality product at maximum production levels. 

Mobile Screening

The versatility of the modular Belt-Way design fits any width conveyor.  The weighbridge is adaptable to any style top mount or recessed idler. 


Connect all Belt-Way conveyor belt scales, solids impact flow meters, and liquid integrators to your control system, or use our on-board P.I.D. loop control to accomplish blending of any number of materials. 


The most successful original equipment manufacturers supply Belt-Way conveyor belt scales as standard components on their transloaders. 

Truck, Rail, Ship & Barge Load-Out      

The Belt-Way dual idler scale is the most popular choice for accurate load-out. Monitor and control manually, or automate load-out using the optional remote start/stop station with ticket printer.