Conveyor belt scales for pugmills


A pugmill is a machine used to continuously mix solid and liquid ingredients. The construction industry relies on pugmills to blend materials such as cement, flyash, asphalt, and lime, into a usable finished product. A pug mill may be stationary or portable, allowing greater flexibility to mix materials close to a job site.

Belt-Way conveyor belt scales, solids flowmeters, and liquid integrators are frequently used to measure these raw materials and make sure the design mixture required for the finished product is as accurate as possible. A typical pugmill application may require a belt scale, one or more flowmeters, and a liquid integrator.

The belt scale measures an aggregate product, the flowmeters measure ingredients such as cement and flyash, and the liquid integrator monitors the amount of water added to the mixture. The Belt-Way controller automatically adjusts the speed of drive motors to keep the blend accurate and consistent.

The Belt-Way system is an affordable and easy to use method of controlling a pug mill, no matter what product must be processed.

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