Single & Multi Idler Scales

Conveyor belt scales

Single and Multi Idler conveyor belt scales.

The Belt-Way Single Idler Scale is our most popular and cost effective conveyor belt scale. Its modular design allows for the easy installation on a broad range of conveyor and equipment types. Our compact design is ideal for applications with minimal clearance.  The Belt-Way scale is extremely popular among users of:

  • Portable Equipment
  • Conveyors with shorter belt lengths

The Belt-Way single idler conveyor belt scale is the most cost effective option for tracking inventory of inexpensive products or where weigh bridge length is limited.


The Belt-Way Dual, Triple, and Quad Idler conveyor belt scales utilize additional sets of load cells. This expands the size of the weighbridge and allows the integrator to measure the material for a longer period of time.  There will be better accuracy with each additional weigh idler.

Multi Idler scales are routinely used for extremely fast moving belts or applications where accurate sampling of the conveyor belt weight is extremely critical. They offer outstanding accuracy for all applications, including stationary conveyors, portable conveyors and feeders.

Examples of applications that require extremely high accuracy are:

  • Expensive Material/Products
  • Fertilizer
  • Load out
  • Blending
  • Wood Recycling
  • Steel Scrap
  • Special Applications

For ultra-high accuracy on a wide variety of conveyors and equipment, please visit the links below.

Belt-Way scales patented free-floating modular load cell design allows for easy weigh bridge expansion while reducing the need for constant recalibration and maintaining high accuracy.

Belt-Way customers rely on Plant Connect to remotely monitor and analyze production at single or multiple locations via any web enabled device remotely from anywhere.

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