Stainless Steel Scales

Conveyor Belt Scale

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt Scale applications.

 Belt-Way scales enable our customers to control and track the mining and manufacturing process from the input feed all the way to the output stage of their process. The Belt-Way scales keep track of both sides of the process to help our customers streamline production, maximize profit and reduce cost.

Belt-Way is a proven leader in the manufacture of in-motion weighing solutions in corrosive applications. We have built a reputation on trust, knowledge and service with our partners in providing accurate, cost effective ways of meeting and exceeding application demands and expectations. Our quality product lines provide economical solutions with a variety of options.

Belt-Way’s stainless steel conveyor belt scales are available in 316 stainless steel to meet the demand of high level performance in harsh and corrosive environments.  Belt-Way’s stainless steel conveyor belt scales are extensively used in salt mining, salt processing, fertilizer plants and other corrosive manufacturing applications where our customers take advantage of their durability and design.

 Belt-Way belt scales come with many standard features

  • A large color easy to read screen
  • Quick access keys to simplify operation
  • USB Memory data logging allowing quick and easy access to data
  • Modbus over Ethernet
  • Power over  Ethernet for wireless communication
  • PID Loop and Blending control

Our Remote Display and 2 Channel I/O board options are very versatile so they can be used in a large variety of automation applications. The Stainless steel scale is available as a Single to Multi Idler Scale depending on your application and requirements.

Belt-Way scales patented self-aligning modular load cell design allows for easy weigh bridge expansion while reducing the need for constant recalibration and maintaining high accuracy.

Belt-Way customers rely on Plant Connect to remotely monitor and analyze production at single or multiple locations via any web enabled device remotely from anywhere.

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