Remote Display / Control Panel

Belt-Way Remote Display
Belt-Way Remote Display

The Belt-Way Remote Display permits a plant operator to monitor multiple scales from a central location. The scales must be networked with Ethernet cable or transmit wirelessly to the display. The Remote Display gives the operator a real time view of scale production to make sure the plant is running properly. It also saves time by allowing the user to reset totals and perform zero calibrations from the control room.

The new Control Panel option is the right choice for the operator that wants to get the most out of belt scales. The Control Panel adds many features to the basic Remote Display. Options include data logging of production to Excel files, full remote calibration capabilities, error reporting to help reduce events that cause downtime, and local monitoring from a PC or smart phone to allow multiple operators to instantly view all connected scales. The Control Panel software is customizable so the user doesn't have to pay for unwanted features.  Several screen sizes are available to accommodate from 1 to 24 scales.   

Another popular option is to interface the Scale Control or the Remote Display to Plant Connect our new online production reporting system. The combination of this advanced technology will create a synergy between operations and management to improve production performance and increase profit like never before.

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